Latest News and Events

Baker Bob’s

Every Wednesday at 9.00am a group meets at Baker  Bobs located alongside the Naismith Memorial on Mill Street in Almonte. We drink coffee and savour the various goodies that Baker Bob has.

“Wings Night”

Wednesday night is “Wings Night” at the Almonte Legion. We usually gather at 6.30 for $7.00 wings and fries plus a beer (or two). This is not a  regular occurrence but will be advertised via the Club Google Group site.

Monthly Breakfasts

Traditionally we gather for a  breakfast on the second Saturday of the month.   Celia,  will send an invitation indicating where the breakfast will be held.

Bi-Monthly Meetings

The date for the meeting will be posted on the Google Group site. At a recent club meeting it  was decided to hold the meetings on a Wednesday at the Almonte Legion to coincide with “Wings Night”.