AARC D-Star Repeaters and High Speed Data

Callsign: VA3AAR B
Union Hall. Frequency: 444.100+ MHz
Icom D-Star GW
Digital Voice.   Status: ON-AIR

Callsign: VA3AAR C
Union Hall. Frequency: 145.550- MHz
Icom D-Star GW
Digital Voice. Status: ON-AIR

Callsign: VA3AAR A
Union Hall. Frequency: 1281.00Mhz– 12Mhz
Icom D-Star GW
Digital Voice. Status: ON-AIR

Callsign: VA3AAR AD
Union Hall. Frequency: 1299.300 MHz
Icom D-Star GW
Digital Voice. Status: ON-AIR

Callsign: VA3RDD B
Big Rideau/Perth. Frequency: 444.800+ MHz
Icom D-Star GW
Digital Voice. Status: ON-AIR

Callsign: VA3RDD C
Big Rideau/Perth. Frequency: 147.240+ MHz
Icom D-Star GW
Digital Voice. Status: ON-AIR

D-STAR Links of Interest

Visit http://va3aar.dyndns.org to view lastest users of the AARC D-STAR System. If you’re not currently registered on any other D-Star Gateway please contact info@almontearclub.ca if you would like your call registered on VA3AAR.

Live Real-time view of active D-Star Users:
http://dstarusers.org for active users and more information on D-STAR in general
http://ircddb.net/live.htm (Make sure to read the information on how to have your callisign made visible)

How to Program your ID-1 for use with High Speed Gateways

How to Program your ID-1 for simplex 1.2GHz data:

How to Configure your D-STAR for DPRS (GPS Position Reporting):

Common Nets Often heard on the VA3AAR D-STAR System:
AARC Tuesday Night mini DSTAR Net VA3AAR B and XRF018B 20:40 EST
Friday Night (CAN-NET) on XRF021B 21:00 EST

Other Active D-STAR Nets that may be of interest to AARC Members are listed on this site:

Programming your new D-STAR Radio and the Ins and Outs of linking and Callsign Routing:
Andrew VE3UIY (M0GRU/VE6EN) gave a brief introduction to D-STAR on November 3rd 2010. Topics included general D-STAR terminology, radio settings required for callsign routing, linking/unlinking gateways and reflectors. A copy of his presentation can be found by clicking on the image of the HT. Click the image of the HT to download file.

Great Website with more info on linking and D-STAR in general.

Ottawa Amateur Digital Group Sponsor of the VA3ODG D-STAR Repeater

VA3RDD VHF Coverage