Club Executive

Club Executive Agreed at AGM held January 20th, 2021


President: Bob Clermont VE3AKV

First Vice President: Robin Webb VE3UIX

Club Secretary: Andrew VE6EN (For Zoom meetings only)

Saturday club breakfast organizer: Celia Bartello

Treasurer: John Christensen (VE3IAO)

Membership Chairman: John Christensen (VE3IAO)

Repeater Manager FM: Fred Chamberlain (VE3CFZ)

Repeater Managers D-STAR: Dale Henniger VE3XZT/Andrew Webb VE6EN/Phil Lytle VE3HOA

AEC for the Mississippi Mills AARC ARES group and liaison representative with the municipality of Mississippi Mills and other local ARES groups.  Position open.

Wednesday Net Manager FM: Les McCready (VA3BZQ)

Tuesday Net Manager D-STAR: Dale Henniger (VE3XZT)

Web Master: Robin Webb (VE3UIX)

D-STAR Gateway Administrator: Andrew Webb VE6EN