Club Executive

Club Executive Agreed at Meeting held Sept 21st, 2022

  • President: Phil St-Germain VE3CIQ
  • First Vice President: Bob Clermont VE3AKV
  • Second Vice President: Robin Webb VE3UIX
  • Club Secretary: Vacant
  • Saturday club breakfast organizer: Celia Bartello
  • Treasurer: John Christensen (VE3IAO)
  • Membership Chairman: John Christensen (VE3IAO)
  • Repeater Manager FM: Fred Chamberlain (VE3CFZ)
  • Repeater Managers D-STAR: Dale Henniger VE3XZT/Andrew Webb VE6EN/Phil Lytle VE3HOA
  • AEC for the Mississippi Mills AARC ARES group and liaison representative with the municipality of Mississippi Mills and other local ARES groups.  Position open.
  • Wednesday Net Manager FM: Les McCready (VA3BZQ)
  • Tuesday Net Manager D-STAR: Dale Hennigar (VE3XZT)
  • Web Master: Andrew Webb VE6EN
  • D-STAR Gateway Administrator: Andrew Webb VE6EN