Latest Communiques from the Club

Meeting via Zoom on January 20th at 19.00hrs

Agenda and link will be advised on the AARC Group site

VA3AAR upgraded

The gateway computer has been replaced with an RPi Version 4. This has resulted in a more stable system and the VHF side (145.550) is now linked via reflector to DMR permitting multimode operation. Thanks to Phil VE3HOA , Andrew VE6EN and Dale VE3XZT. Keying up in the Mod C frequency links to Phil’s DMR repeater VE3 HOZ.

The weekly gathering for coffee and goodies at Baker Bob’s in Almonte on Wednesdays is cancelled until further notice. However, the store is open for the purchase of all that Bob sells.

Stay safe every one and please say thank you to all the front line medical staff and those in stores providing us with our needs. 
Also, activate any of the repeaters in the club network as many of us are monitoring the various frequencies and a chat is always comforting.