Latest Communiques from the Club

Next Club Meeting in early October

The next club meeting will take place in the middle of October or a bit earlier.  Confirmation will be provided on the Club’s Google Group site.

Basic Training Course

The basic training course due to start in early September has been put on hold due to health reasons.  The course was initiated by the Arnprior club to be held at the Arnprior library.  A new start date will be announced shortly.

VE3ARE Repeater

Almonte and area 2M FM coverage is provided by repeater VA3ARE on 147.270+ MHz, 100Hz tone, serving Almonte and Carleton Place Regions. VA3ARE  also supports IRLP Node 2280. The Wednesday Night club net runs on this repeater 21:00 Hrs local tine. Note that  VA3ARE is also a Yaesu System Fusion C4FM Compatible Repeater.

VA3AAR-U  (FM UHF) 444.3 (100HZ)

This repeater, located at the Almonte Fire Hall, and linked to Lavant has been repaired  and is operational.

Rideau Lake D-STAR Repeaters (2M and 70cm).

The D-STAR repeaters located near Rideau Ferry are fully operational and capable of reflector linking. (Usually linked to REF018B). Frequencies are listed in the D-STAR details page.

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